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Inciting Democracy: A Practical Proposal for Creating a Good Society

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Build a Just, Humane, and Democratic Society in Just 32,746 Easy Steps (fake ad)

Chapter 2

Society Out of Balance

Society Out of Balance (continued)

Society Out of Balance (continued)

World Imbalances

Lessons from Young Children

Unbearable Lives (Suicide)

The Mondragon Cooperative

U.S. Militarism

A Militarized World

Ensuring Democratic Decision-Making

A Violent Society (Rape and Assault)

Chapter 3

Are You a Member of the Power Elite?

A Few Examples of Destructive Cultural Norms

Common Emotional Dysfunctions

Some Symptoms of Groupthink

Three Kinds of Progressive Action

Who Is Politically Active?

Financial Independence

Conflicts, Turf Battles, and Infighting

Lost Heritage

Advice from Friends and Relatives

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Chapter 4

Progressive Change, Inc.

Changing People’s Perspectives

The Healing Power of Positive Change Work

Living Simply

Chapter 5

Four Stages of Societal Transformation

Small, Grassroots Organizations

Practical Alternatives

Typical Steps in a Nonviolent Campaign

Creative Nonviolent Action

Chapter 6

Vernal (word definition)

Some Definitions (concerning the Vernal Education Project)

A Possible Support Group Meeting Agenda

The Vernal Education Program Curriculum Checklist

Some Notes on Political Sophistication

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Chapter 7

Seven Principles for a New Organizing Model

Becoming a Social Change Activist

Cohesive Communities

Chapter 9

Three Important Early Goals

Models/Precedents for Massive Social Change Movements

Chapter 10

Essential Traits of the Initiators of the Vernal Project

What You Can Do Right Now to Learn Activist Skills

Appendix A

Some Recommended Programs to Prevent Violence

Programs Shown to Prevent Crime


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