Papers on Nonviolent Action
and Cooperative Decision-Making

Collected here are papers about progressive social change. Unless otherwise noted they were written by Randy Schutt. Those written by others are posted here with the permission of their authors. It is OK to copy and distribute these papers for academic or non-commercial use (that is, you do not sell them or use them to make money).

Papers marked [HTML] can be viewed directly in your web browser — just click on the link. Papers marked [PDF] can be read with the free Adobe Reader and with most modern web browsers. Papers marked [Hardcopy only] can be obtained by writing to Randy Schutt.

Papers Table of Contents

Understanding Nonviolent Action

Preparation for Nonviolent Action

Nonviolent Action Strategy Planning

Other Social Change

Cooperative Decision-Making and Meeting Process

Interpersonal Behavior


In 1980, I began facilitating workshops to prepare people for nonviolent direct action. I found it useful to prepare sample agendas which I could then easily modify to suit the occasion. I also developed notes and handouts that included everything I had learned about these subjects. I freely distribute these papers and encourage other people to use them to facilitate workshops for progressive activists. Please spread the word!

Note that I update these papers occasionally and appreciate your comments and criticism. — Randy

Randy Schutt has worked with Citizens for Alternatives to Nuclear Energy (an Abalone Alliance member group and an affiliate of Livermore Action Group), the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, the Center for Economic Conversion, the Pacific Studies Center, Agape Foundation, Ruckus Society, the Cleveland Nonviolence Network, and Cleveland Peace Action. He has facilitated over 80 workshops on the topics listed above.

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Some Other Good Sources for Papers

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Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action & Strategies (CANVAS)

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Tree Bressen’s Group Facilitation Library

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