Inciting Democracy

A Practical Proposal for Creating a Good Society

How We can Develop and Sustain a Powerful, Grassroots Social Change Movement

by Randy Schutt

Inciting Democracy offers a vision of what a good society might look like and explores how we can overcome five key obstacles to creating such a society. It offers a practical way to develop a large, decentralized education and support program (the Vernal Education Project) that would bolster grassroots movements so that people of goodwill can democratically and nonviolently transform society.

Published by SpringForward Press

Inciting Democracy - Cover Image

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320 pages, paperback,
8 1/2” x 11”, 270 quotations,
233 annotated references, a bibliography of 110 other cited works, and a comprehensive index

from the back cover:

This visionary and inspiring book will convince you it is possible to create a good society, and it will show you a way to bring it into existence.

Sensible, pragmatic, and hopeful, Inciting Democracy is essential reading for activists who work for positive change, scholars who study social movements, and anyone who yearns for a fair and compassionate society.

“…a veritable
Leatherman for
doing the big job that
needs doing…”
— Bill McKibben

“An exciting, page-turning book describing a new, attainable Eden.”
— GrannyD

“A very accessible and useful resource for activists everywhere.”
— The Peace Chronicle

“An excellent main textbook for any course on citizen advocacy.”
— Abigail Abrash, Instructor, Antioch New England Graduate School

“Very highly recommended and informative reading for social activists and political reformers.”
— Midwest Book Review

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