Why Nonviolence?

Introduction to Theory and Strategy

Written in 1978 by Bob Irwin and Gordon Faison;
edited by David H. Albert

(Revised December 1983 by Bob Irwin)
(Scanned and adapted in 2001 by Peter Woodrow)
(Prepared for and posted on the Web by Randy Schutt, September 2002)

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Peace Dove introduction

history, methods, and varieties of nonviolence

nonviolence: its theory, dynamics, and relevance today

questions and answers concerning nonviolent action

recommended reading

2001 Editorial Note: This article was first written in 1978 and revised in 1983. It was written, therefore, before the triumph of the Solidarity movement in Poland, the toppling of the Marcos regime in the Philippines, the fall of numerous communist regimes in Eastern Europe, and the defense of the Yeltsin government in Russia — all through largely nonviolent means.