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500 Leading U.S. Progressive Organizations

Here are descriptions of approximately 500 leading organizations in the United States working for pro­gressive change on a national level, grouped into categories that roughly describe the main focus of their work, with links to their websites.

Activist Education Programs

A few great activist education programs:

The START Study Course
A 24-session study course that you conduct on your own with friends, exploring and discussing environmental, domestic, and world issues using the on-line readings, thinking about the world you want and how to get there, and then acting to bring it about.
Antioch University New England: Environmental Advocacy and Organizing Program (EAOP)
Offers activist training for people seeking to work as public interest advocates and grassroots organizers.
Training for Change (TFC)
Helps people working for social change to develop skills that they can use in their daily work using the direct education approach — an approach that draws on the expertise and wisdom of the participants.
Ruckus Society
Provides environmental, human rights, and social justice organizers with the tools, training, and support needed to achieve their goals.
Highlander Research and Education Center
Gathers workers, grassroots leaders, community organizers, educators, and researchers to inform each other and address the most pressing social, environmental, and economic problems facing the people of the South.
Midwest Academy
Advances movements for social change by teaching a strategic, rigorous, results-oriented approach to social action and organization building.
Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF)
Builds organizations whose primary purpose is power — the ability to act — and whose chief product is social change to make life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness everyday realities for more and more Americans.
Wellstone Action
Continues Senator Paul Wellstone’s fight for progressive change and economic justice by training citizen activists and professionals in political organizing skills.
Center For Progressive Leadership (CPL)
In order to advance progressive political and policy change, connects young people of color, LGBT youth, and women to paid internships and entry-level positions with progressive organizations and provides skills training, mentorship, and networking opportunities.
New Organizing Institute (NOI)
Trains young, technology-enabled political organizers to work for progressive campaigns and organizations.

Creating Solar Jobs

Information about and access to the 1978 Mid-Peninsula Conversion Project (MPCP) report:

“Creating Solar Jobs: Options for Military Workers and Communities.”

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